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Pete Rock – Give It To Y’all (ft. Roc Marciano) (Zilla Rocca Remix).

Renaissance man Zilla Rocca seized the opportunity to remix Pete Rock and Roc Marciano’s “Give It To Y’all” when the acapella landed on the tenth anniversary edition of Petestrumentals. Zilla’s take has everything: twangy guitar, a ridonculous bassline, and classic Roc Marci verses. Dope begets dope. via Clap Cowards Sphere:..

Terrace Martin – So Nasty (ft. Bad Lucc, Kurupt).

There’s often a surfeit of live instrumentation on Terrace Martin tracks. The California producer also plays the sax, which results in many extraneous saxophone solos on otherwise lean hip-hop tracks. It’s usually not a deal-breaker and sometimes it’s a nice touch. He used even more live instruments on his last..

Prodigy – Pebble Beach.

Say you’re Prodigy and you want to make a lighthearted song without going the Jeremih route. They can’t all be “Dog Shit.” Where do you turn? 80s R&B/funk always does the trick. Prodigy raps over the Mary Jane Girls’ “All Night Long” for a welcome respite from the controversy surrounding..

6th Sense tells ML how he got on the Lonely Island.

Longtime ML friend and producer 6th Sense ended up on the outro track on The Lonely Island’s 2nd album Turnleneck & Chain. I hit him up to get the scoop on how he ended up on the Grammy award winning group’s comedy/rap album (who we have written about a little in the..

Astronote – Big Trouble Little China (ft. Magestik Legend).

Amazingly dense rhymes from Detroit’s Magestik Legend. “Big Trouble Little China” will appear on French producer Astronote’s Weapon of the Future, coming soon as a free download. Big Trouble Little China ft. Magestik Legend by Astronote Sphere: Related Content

Sleepy Brown – Your My Lady.

Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize has returned to Atlanta and formed a new label called 13 Black. “Your My Lady” (I know) starts with just a guitar and one-two drums, then adds bass, then an organ, and finally strings. It’s minimal, slow-building soul of the Al Green variety. By the..

Mo Kolours – EP1: Drum Talking.

Drum Talking is the distinct sound of a specific musical segment of a remote part of the world, recontextualized as dope beats. Mo Kolours worked the Sega music (no blue hedgehog) of his native Mauritius into funky beats worthy of the Beat Konducta. “8 Hours” in particular is disarmingly funky...

Bring Back the Ickey Shuffle! (An NFL season would be sweet, too).

The NFL Lockout has been frustrating for all fans. During a time when we should be looking forward to next season, we’ve been bombarded with stories about how Ray Lewis thinks the extended lockout will cause a rise in crime, or how Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had to receive special..

Metallungies Hollers @ Big K.R.I.T., Interview.

Meridian, Mississippi artist Big K.R.I.T. has his big raucous choruses, but his delivery is acutely measured and refined. Sometimes he raps just above a whisper, on a solemn account his career (“Dreamin’”) or an admonition about the thorns of success (“Lions and Lambs”). ReturnOf4Eva, released for free online in March,..