No more Ron Ron: Give Peace a Chance.

Mr. Peace may have finally found his Chi.

Ronald William Artest, Jr. is no more. As you may have heard by now, the man, the legend, the former malcontent who has worn a half dozen numbers, has now OFFICIALLY changed his name to Metta World Peace. Do you realize what this means?!? We may never see the nickname “Tru Warrier” shaved into the cranium of this QB baller.

This puts Art—err…Peace on the short list of athletes with absolutely redonkulous name changes. The other two being a certain Chad Javon Ochocino, currently of the New England Patriots, and World B. Free. World, née Lloyd was born in Atlanta and grew up in Canarsie. He had a pretty solid pro career. He’s also got some sick moves. I love these names. I, I I I love it. And I thank you, Mr. Free. Mr. Artest would also like to tell you that his d— thanks you.

Peace will still have a hard time escaping his troubled past. How could we forget about his Henny sippin’ ways in the locker room? But people make mistakes; some are just funnier than others, and involve George Lopez.  It looks like Peace is here to stay. I’d say we have as good a chance of seeing him change his name back as we do at having an NBA season this year. Oh by the way, you can check out Peace on Dancing with the Stars this Monday.

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