Ratatat – Mirando, Video.

  I completely forgot that this was coming, Mirando is the first single off of Ratatat’s 3rd album LP3, which is in stores now.  ML’s must-listen-to recommendation for their amazing remix mixtapes hasn’t expired. Sphere: Related Content

Bird Peterson remixes Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4.

This is by far my favorite Chicago song, I’ve always dreamt of someone sampling it or even remixing it. Bird Peterson answered my prayers brining the horn section into the new millennium. Download (Mp3):  Chicago-25 or 6 to 4 (Bird Peterson Remix) Bonus Download (Mp3): Wale-Freaks (Bird Peterson Remix) If..

Wale signs with Interscope.

Image source. As the title states, jot this down as ML’s most anticipated debut release. Source: Justice show in DC @ 9:30 Club filled with 2 encores and fathers of middle schoolers reading books under dim lights in the back of the club, as the rest of the audience experienced..

Best Of 2007: This Is The BIG One!

Chances are, what you’re about to read is the latest 2007 wrap-up amongst the hip hop blogosphere. And I don’t mean “latest” as in the “newest”. I mean “latest” as in everybody has done this before we did, and as a result, we’re late. Like how you wouldn’t want your..

Ratatat Presents Remixes Vol I (Mixtape).

Wow, a bunch of ML readers (read: 2) have been really feeling the Vol II from a few days ago, so as promised I dig into the ML vault (which really is a zipdisk). To bring you Vol I.     Zip: Ratatat Presents Remixes Vol I (Mixtape) Tracklisting: 1...

Ratatat Presents Remixes Vol II (Mixtape).

I just came across the fact Ratatat has posted their latest mixtape of remixes on their official site. The mixtape which I’ve been bumpin on my ipod for about half a year, definitely needs to get some shine for the crazy synthy beats they use to remix hip-hop songs. Did..