Presumably you’ve heard of this videogame. Everything about this clip is great, especially the cartoon renderings of the Beatles. Giant elephantmen? Walruses? Bring it on. Sphere: Related Content

The Ocarina of Rhyme.

Via Infinite Lives You know we stay on that videogame rap. This is a genius mixtape which blends hip hop a capellas with beats sampled from the soundtrack of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. The beats are by the excellently named Team Teamwork. Some of my favourite..

Hip Hop 8-Bit Style.

Via …Shot Then! BK based producer Tugboat put together this dope little medley of hip-hop singles done chiptune style (Wikipedia link for those not in the know). I’m pretty impressed with his other beats too, definitely worth checking out. I love how he censored Jay at the beginning with an..

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Trailer.

I told you Chinatown Wars looked dope. Now if only we can get a trailer with some more gameplay. Apparently, the Ghostface song in the trailer also features MF Doom and is produced by Oh No. Rockstar needs to start a music label stat. Download the trailer in HD here...

Finale – One Man Show (produced by Black Milk).

Beat the game to download “One Man Show” by Finale. The track has a dope Black Milk beat that sounds like it could have been a leftover from Tronic. Also, if you would rather not play the poorly put together Super Mario Bros. knock off, you can download the track..

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, Trailer.

No, I’m not posting a trailer for a Vin Diesel movie. Games based on movies are notoriously bad, but the game that accompanied the 2004 movie The Chronicles of Riddick was surprisingly good and was actually better received than the movie itself.  Assault on Dark Athena is a sequel to..

Dead Space Extraction, Trailer.

Dead Space Extraction is an action horror game coming out for Wii this Fall. I’m excited because the original Dead Space got great reviews and I need some blood and guts to complement Super Mario Galaxy and World of Goo. Press release here. Sphere: Related Content

ML @ New York Comic Con 2009.

Kid Flash and Solomon Grundy stood behind me in line for the coat check posing for pictures. For every picture, Grundy threw out his arms and roared. It takes a lot to get a New Yorker’s attention, but after the second or third roar, I had to turn around and..