ML @ New York Comic Con 2009: Itinerary.

At Metal Lungies, we eat, sleep and poop hip-hop. But sometimes, we get tired of the violence, drugs and stupidity. When that happens, we listen to Kid Cudi, Kanye West and other more lighthearted musical fare. But then we eventually get tired of the inane lyrics, ephemeral dance tracks and..

Rev. Run Beatboxes to Wii Music.

I can’t tell if Run and the kids are really having fun or if they’re just damn good at pretending. Reviews of Wii Music suggest the latter. Run and fam are always entertaining though. Sidebar: I haven’t played it yet, but I’m giving Wii Music the benefit of the doubt..

Curren$y – Super Tecmo Bowl

I just got around to listening to the latest from New Orleans’ Curren$y, Super Tecmo Bowl. His beat selection is on point as always and he stays dropping nice punch-lines. Better than the his last, which I thought was a little weak. Dude’s got good timing too. The folks at..


It’s always funny when people get really worked up about Pokémon. Oh, and if you don’t think Pokémon is hip hop, look no further than the permanently gun-toting Blastoise. via Kotaku Bonus:  a quick search for "gangsta pokemon" brought me this. Sphere: Related Content

Hippa to the Hoppa for MadWorld.

My most anticipated game at the moment is by far MadWorld for Wii. Announced last week at a Sega press event, Madworld is an action game noted for its over-the-top comic violence, stylized graphics (mostly black and white with red blood ala Sin City) and the incredible talent behind it...

"Fuck ridin’ the beat, nigga, I parallel park on the track."

Released commercially about a month ago, AudioSurf is a rhythm based puzzle game that has become the darling of the gaming scene. In the game, you ride on a track and accumulate and arrange colored blocks to get the highest score possible. While there’s a lot more to the game’s..

Human Crack in the Flesh

Let me begin by saying if you haven’t got Swat 4, this is a MUST COP. This game has ruled my life to the point where I completely forgot about posting, schoolwork, and pimping. I make no exaggeration when I say, THIS GAME IS COOKED CRACK ON THE PC!!! This..

And now, for some thing completely different

I’m gonna take off from the usual hip-hop grind for a moment to spread the word about a special something which has recently occupied a corner of my heart. That something is the SWAT 4 single player demo. When I first tried a multiplayer demo of the new first person..