Inception, Teaser Trailer.

Looks like Minority Report meets The Matrix. Directed by Christopher Nolan, who has been on a roll since Batman Begins. The Prestige  was dope (beefing magicians? hell yeah) and of course everyone and their mom has seen The Dark Knight three times. I’m interested to see what he can do..

A Serious Man, Trailer.

Here’s the trailer for the Coen brothers’ newest movie, A Serious Man. Even though I didn’t like Burn After Reading and I didn’t like No Country for Old Men as much as everyone else did, I’m still riding with the Coen brothers off the strength of The Big Lebowski. A..

Inglourious Basterds, Trailer.

Despite the mixed reactions the movie has been getting, I’m amped to watch Quentin Tarantino rip apart some Nazis. I can tell there are some scenes that will require high-fives all around in the movie theater. via Sphere: Related Content

Nas – Legendary.

Untagged version of Nas’ track off the Tyson soundtrack. I can see a high school football team blasting this in the locker room before a game on some “Eye of the Tiger” type shit. Download: Nas – Legendary HipHop-n-More via WDIR Bonus: Nas – If I Ruled The World ’09..

Kanye West – I Love Hockey, Video.

Here is more of ML’s favorite rappers (sorta) colliding with the hockey world. There you have it folks, the sole reason to see The Love Guru. Via Young Drew’s. PS Shout out to Big Pooh of Little Brother who is riding with the Caps. Sphere: Related Content

Bruno, Trailer.

Brüno is Sacha Baron Cohen’s follow up to Borat. Brüno is a gay Austrian fashion journalist who travels across the country putting Americans in uncomfortable situations to test their tolerance of extreme gayness. My question is, will “Vassup!” replace “Sexytime,” “It’s nice” and all the other Borat-isms? Sphere: Related Content