Where the Wild Things Are Trailer.

Loved this book as a kid, and it’s good to see they finally seem have gotten through all the kinks in this project. Trailer looks great. Really can’t wait for this one. Sphere: Related Content

Tyson Documentary Trailer, Video.

We’ve been following this documentary for like forever, from the press to the random clips. Finally, here is the official trailer. Limited Release April 24th. Hopefully that includes a DC theater. Knobbz edit: The  Nas track at the end of the trailer is on that mixtape of unreleased Nas tracks..

Up, Trailer.

via Yahoo! Movies Pixar’s latest is Up, the story of a reclusive 78-year old man who hoists his house off the ground with balloons and flies away — only to discover that he’s accidentally brought along a portly, over eager stowaway. It looks like Pixar has done it again, an..

Basketball Diaries.

Don’t know how i slept on this movie for so long. Great portrayal of the horrible spiral drugs can lead you down akin to “Requiem for a Dream” (another great movie that’s incredibly powerful). This is some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best work, and the best I’ve seen Marky Mark since..

ML @ New York Comic Con 2009: Itinerary.

At Metal Lungies, we eat, sleep and poop hip-hop. But sometimes, we get tired of the violence, drugs and stupidity. When that happens, we listen to Kid Cudi, Kanye West and other more lighthearted musical fare. But then we eventually get tired of the inane lyrics, ephemeral dance tracks and..

Fela Kuti Biopic in the Works.

(image source) Now Fela Kuti is getting a biopic. The progenitor of Afrobeat and a political radical, Fela Kuti is more deserving of a biopic than most. In the 70s, he fought the military government of Nigeria, who raided his house in ’77, put him in jail with a fractured..