Mashups for A Friday

  Shabbat shalom, ML readers! I’ma leave you for the weekend with two of my favourite mashups of recent memory. The rest of the Lungies team are a bit busy right now, so I’ll be doing most of the posting for a bit. The first is from the amazing mashup/culturejam..

Bonde Do Role made Buffalo go crazy.

So it’s Tuesday and I’m still recovering from having a ridiculous amount of fun at the Bonde Do Role show in Buffalo. You can’t categorize their music as any single genre because its made up of an orgy of sounds ranging from hip hop to pop. There was crazy dancing/singing/yelling/screaming/random humping. I took..

This is what I come back to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just came back from a nasty bout of the flu and as soon as I find something newsworthy it has to be this………N*E*R*D* is no more. The Supergroup broke up after a stream of management conflicts at Virgin Records. This is a sad day in music history, N*E*R*D* was..

The Beginning of the End.

Cause Don’t We All need a Little Miriam Makeba. Missy’s-Mile? Is Don Cartegena a biter. (My opinion: FUCK NO!!!!) The Massacre Bootlegged!!!! Say it Ain’t So!!! 50 Ripping of Ghost *cough*on Track 21*cough* Surely you Jest!!! Harlem World Stretches far and its Emissaries are great and many. Track Of The..