Ratatat Presents Remixes Vol II (Mixtape).

I just came across the fact Ratatat has posted their latest mixtape of remixes on their official site. The mixtape which I’ve been bumpin on my ipod for about half a year, definitely needs to get some shine for the crazy synthy beats they use to remix hip-hop songs. Did..

Voodoo Festival 2007 Review.

Ed Note: We were supposed to head out to the Voodoo Festival, but last minute plans got in the way of that. Luckily we had ML homie & NO native Randon step in and file this report & photos: Yo, what up to all the Metal Lungies out there. Recently..

The Fashion – Solo Impala.

I have been obsessed with this song for the past few days. I’m calling it now, this band is going to be huge. They are straight outta Denmark and have been signed to Epic. Check more of their music at their myspace. Sphere: Related Content

Some good rock from Operator.

  It’s hard for us here at ML to keep up with the rock selections, all out rock head connects are drying up, going emo. Limp Bizkit is still big right? I KIIIIID. No Triumph.We’ve mentioned that we like Audioslave, well today we found a band that right away reminded us..

Redman is on The Offspring’s Original Prankster?

Reliving my early teens I played The Offspring single Original Prankster. After hearing this song over a hundred times I just noticed now that it’s Reggie Noble on the hook saying “Original Prankster”. Am I the only one that’s been in the dark, and didn’t realize this for 6 years?..

Party Like A REAL Rock Star!

In other words, don’t be like these guys. Instead, be more like these guys… Download: Run-D.M.C. & Aerosmith – “Walk This Way” Download: Boogie Down Productions – “Dope Beat” (sampling AC/DC – “Back In Black”) Download: Public Enemy & Anthrax – “Bring The Noise” Download: Body Count (Ice-T) – “Cop..