Poetry in Motion

I don’t know how many of you caught Ovechkin’s goal last night, but it was a thing of beauty. Dekes two defenders, loses control for a second, kicks the puck back to his stick and shoots it right past the goalie. This kid is the truth. Let’s go Caps!!!! And..

Kanye West – I Love Hockey, Video.

Here is more of ML’s favorite rappers (sorta) colliding with the hockey world. There you have it folks, the sole reason to see The Love Guru. Via Young Drew’s. PS Shout out to Big Pooh of Little Brother who is riding with the Caps. Sphere: Related Content

Alex Ovechkin & Mike Green almost get decapitated.

This got a lot of buzz in the Capitals fanbase/media when the Sports Bog posted it, for its sheer extremeness. With our recent Ovechkin video binge, I spotted at With Leather, and thought it was appropriate to post. Enjoy. Sphere: Related Content

Alex Ovechkin goes golfing, gets a hole-in-one, Video.

I remember seeing this during the summer of 2006, but never thought to post it. But with our recent Wale X Ovechkin adventure, it’s pretty damn appropriate. Tell me this video isn’t classic, I dare you. As a bonus, after the jump check out the Eastern Motors commercial starring Oveckhin..

Wale – Penthouse Anthem.

Our guy Wale is stuck in a cold & snowy Maine before his show tonight.. so what does he do? He leaks a track that’s a tribute to the hard working girls of the strip clubs. Wale – Penthouse Anthem Sidebar: Congrats to the man joining Wale in the picture..

ML Recap: Wale’s first Washington Capitals game.

(Capitals Game) Chillin. As promised, here is the recap of the epic night where the rap and hockey worlds collided. If you’ve followed along or read the replay of the CoveritLive live blog (which was oh so finely moderated by KnobbzXL), I’ll try my best to avoid overlap. Also be..

Wale Ovechkin.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Just sayin, apologies to any ML readers that may be Thrashers fans. Full ML-flavored recap of the epic night, coming tonight. Sphere: Related Content

Tyson Documentary Trailer, Video.

We’ve been following this documentary for like forever, from the press to the random clips. Finally, here is the official trailer. Limited Release April 24th. Hopefully that includes a DC theater. Knobbz edit: The  Nas track at the end of the trailer is on that mixtape of unreleased Nas tracks..