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The Bounce

Perfect Angle + Steroid Bouncing= oh since im gonna be MIA till atleast Friday my WC picks are ( I can have 2 damn it!): Netherlands & Czech Republic. But here is kind of an odd reason I will be cheering for the motherland, Ukraine.

ML Exclusive: Sammie is Alive & Well (on KOCH?)

Remember this guy.. I know you do he was singing some kiddie ass shit in the late 90s and was on that Hardball soundtrack (which was able to bring together a lot of the rappers with the name Lil XXXXX.. Bow Wow, Wayne, Zane (Oh where have thou gone?)) now..

Something of note from VH1…

So another as I was watching TV post, I was watching the VH1 Rock Honors special yesterday and I noticed one interesting thing, there have been 2 Hip Hop Honors shows but the budget for the Rock Honors show was bigger than both hip hop shows combined times three, they..

Dr. Octagon – Chapter 4

Here we reach the halfway point with Chapter 4, enjoy! The Setting: 3 AM, A wet, but warm late night, or should we say early morn, in the Bronx. Def Jukie Rob Sonic finds himself, as he has many times, at his favorite joint, The Telicatessen. His head in his..

Boycott TNA (Wrestling Company) IMMEDIATELY

I was flipping through channels and I came across Spike TV, and they had some wrestling on (I used to be a big fan of wrestling in my early teens, in the late 90s), I saw a familiar face but something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure…then I realized what..

Dr. Octagon – Chapter 3

I know you’ve been is part 3.. The Return Of Doctor Octagon, Chapter 3: The Money Fight Fire Ants Dark clouds have descended over the OCD offices. It’s been three weeks since receiving the mysterious package from the good Doctor and they are nowhere closer to deciphering his message..

Dr. Octagon – Chapter 2

Here is the 2nd installment of the Kool Keith series we are running… Chapter 2: AL GREAZY When we last left off, Mike Relm started the Decipher Series by breakin’ down the history of the infamous Dr Octagon. But still unclear on what this new material was intended to mean,..

ML Hooks it up E-40 Winners…

Congrats to Juan of Visalia, CA for winning the pormo dvd. Martha of NY for winning the key chain. Nikki of Seaside, CA for winning the beanie. Erica of Antioch for winning the folder. be on the lookout for more chances to win great stuff very soooon!!

talkin back to back

I’d try this outfit, but I’m also a perfect size to be stuffed in a hallway locker. One of the most unique/out of this world/alternative rappers is back, Kool Keith with his alter ego Dr. Octagon..Here is the 1st part of a 8 week series to reintroduce/introduce you to the..