Monthly Archives: February 2007

Metallungies Hollers @ Sean Price.

ML hollers @ comes back with a vengeance, as we got to talk to Sean Price. One of the best “underground” rappers out, he recently dropped his new album ‘Jesus Price’ at the end of last month. Lyrically and production wise (with help from 9th Wonder and Khrysis) Sean Peeeee..

Radiators is Bullet-Proof

This is for all the kiddies out there who either have or currently are fronting on the Beatles. I’m not gonna try to put ya’ll on. That’s not my job. If you don’t know, anything from Rubber Soul on is worth your time. Also John Lennon solo records are all..

Grammy Prediction List (2007)

Its 40 mins before the show and here it goes. My predicted……not necessarily hopeful, winners for the awards that have no bearing on the music I listen to. RECORD OF THE YEAR- Mary J Blige (Be Without You) It’ll be no suprise to any of us. I mean shit was..

50 Cent Rushes out the fast diss video ever aimed at Cam’Ron.

If you didn’t know Styles, Cam’ron and 50 Cent had a fiery exchange on the radio a few days back anyway 50 has already comeout with a diss video. It’s called ‘Funeral Music’ I’m not impressed at all, judge for yourselves [youtube]_poeloXyDmA[/youtube] more later, out. Sphere: Related Content

The Indiana Pacers are taking off where the Jail Blazers left off.

    Quietly but surely over the past two years+ the Portland Trail Blazers have worked on cleaning up their cocaine sniffing/dog fighting/domestic abuse image. On the other hand it seems the Indiana Pacers have been trying to make their image as dirty as possible. They started will a bang with..

No Really. Are You Sure?

I’m the type of person who follows that old MC Ren philosophy. If it ain’t rough it ain’t me. So in late 2006 when I heard that some new hip-hop group was burning up MTV rock countdowns I decided to give them a listen. I turned on the video, got..

[adult swim] Loves You.

This is a beautiful thing. Not only does [adult swim] drop album-after-album of classic hip-hop. Now they are giving away another album for free?! This is another one of those Stones Throw compilation joints. Its called Chrome Children 2. It has some remixes and a fair amount of new shit...

Redman’s New Album Cover.

This is defiantly only something Redman would do. Im getting a hip-hop south park on crack vibe. I would love to know the creative process behind this. Regardless the long overdue Red Gone Wild album is something to look forward to as Red has one of the most underrated catalogues in rap...