Kanye West’s Stronger.

When I heard the Stronger snippet off Ye’s Mixtape. I played it a few times but wasn’t hooked, well fast forward to today. I copped a full length radio rip and have been playing on loop off and on, disregarding the numerous Mark Ronson drops all over it (for which he even apologizes, probably a DJ first) from nahright. The track samples Daft Punk with the French electronic duo’s single Harder, better, faster, stronger. It will be a monster once it hits the club, maybe the biggest one of the summer. Now Kanye isn’t the first to sample a Daft Punk record, as Swizz Beatz did that with Touch It. He isn’t even the first producer to use the track, the Neptunes remixed the track about 7 years ago. That remix I thoroughly enjoyed at the same time, the Neptunes added their melodic touch to an already dope electronic song. But what Kanye did is add a sick bass line, and some synths to make a track that you can’t help but nod your head grind with fine ladies to.

Check it:

Kanye West-Stronger DJ Free Version

Daft Punk-Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Neptunes Remix)

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