Human Giant Season 2/DVD.

Any show that shows Ghostface love on their show gets a leg up in our TV watching preferences, one of those shows is Human Giant.

I could’ve sworn I posted this before, but I couldn’t find it. Anyway, Human Giant is back for a 2nd season (hopefully with another 24 hour MTV take over, which featured The Wire actors, random hilarious actors and white rappers at 3:45 am).

Season 2 premiers March 11th @ 11pm… but that’s not all folks(on that infomercial tip), if you are impatient, you can cop the first episode of season 2 here on itunes. You can catch up on a bunch of skits here or pick up the DVD of season 1 on March 4th.

A season 2 sketch & a season preview after the jump (which was also spotted at our friend @ Know The Ledge):

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