Busta Rhymes Hates Me.

Maybe he was just having a bad day, but apparently Busta Rhymes got a little miffed at a listening session for his new album I’m Blessed when some journalists weren’t bobbing their heads quite enough.

If you niggas is gonna continue to do that—leave. Fuck the reviews.

Complex had an audio clip of Busta’s outbusrt, but it’s gone forever at the request of Interscope. Busta gave journalists a similar scolding on the outro of the excellent Dillagence mixtape. In between singing the praises of J Dilla, he declares that journalists write about other people because they have no lives and also drops this gem on the haters:

Fuck you, suck a thousand dicks and die a million deaths. I know it sounds real bad, but I mean it.

I can’t remember the last time I read anything bad about J Dilla. While Busta slams the critics on the late genius’ behalf, he’s really just venting his own frustration. And while I do indeed have no life, that gives Mr. Rhymes no right to be mean to me. Fun fact: I got Busta’s autograph when I was in fourth or fifth grade at a Discovery Zone. We were cool back then and I’m sad to see our friendship fall apart like this. Now I really feel bad, because Aaron was calling our boy out a minute ago too. I’m going to be the first to extend the olive branch to Busta Rhymes. I liked The Big Bang and I’m actually looking forward to his new album. See? I’m a nice guy. By the way, his new mixtape kinda sucks.

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  1. AaronM

    I should clarify: I love Busta. The piece is more about how sad I think it is that Busta Bus needs to conform to the modern standard of trite gangsta-isms to maintain a commercial presence.
    The Big Bang wasn’t awful, and this new album could be pretty good if the first single is any indication.

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