Eli Vs. Envy-The Rap Battle that changed the Internets.

So we just came across this amazing battle rap via Just Blaze, which we need a late pass for. Anyway, it is so amazing we felt obligated to drop our random musings for you.

  • Dope intro font with a sick gradient, on that Sweden colorway! 
  • Why does Marv-O only get the old english font treatment? 
  • What the hell are those random dots behind him you ask?? A CITY MURAL DUH!
  • White text over a white tee=high readability.
  • Sucking up to the host with lines “I’m so nice I could be Marv-o’s brother” is pointless, Marv-o doesn’t vote! Unless Envy has other intentions for such flattering words.
  • If anything, J-Dub would be a up for a brown-nosing bar like that.
  • Envy might the first rapper that follows up a rap about pumps with a bright smile.
  • You must pause the video at 2:03 to see the focus on J-Dubs face, he def. deserves all the chest rubs from Marv-o. The man is overly focused.
  • The production is truly fly from picture in picture joint in the corner to
    a straight up heart cut out of Eli. Right in the middle of which the graphic pops up to reminded that the fellow we are watching is named Eli.
  • Pause at 3:41 with Marv-O & J-Dub in the heart, clearly the video crew is throwing subliminals.
  • Why is Johnathon the Godfather?
  • A14, of course, is it possible to do both Good and Great?


I think I’m going to drop out of school and watch this clip all day, thanks Just Blaze.

Who do we think should’ve won? Neither, they both got more than 45 seconds thus being disqualified.

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  1. khal

    Eli Porter won, hands down. He had the iller punchlines.

    The thing that cracks me up is, this is straight high school video class shit. The heart and shit? Whomever worked the boards must have been an apprentice to the video mixer.

    Eli Porter though, forreal.

  2. Shadyeskimo

    Eli is The Best, mentally Retarded Rapper Around, and His Rosie O Donnel at a bisexual Bridalshower, was Better than Normal Brains Rhyming, and I think It will Live forever, Eli is The Coolest Around, and I hope somebodys is taking Good care of him, Eli Be Good. Classic Rhymes, Eli is GOD:

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