UGO – ?? ??????? ??????, Video.

The majority of our readership is probably scratching their heads at the title of this entry..don’t worry we are not switching over to another language on you on that babelfish tip. But if you are Russian, your life will be changed by this clip, or if you have any Russian friends- you have the power of changing their lives by simply showing them this video. I’ve never been more proud to have been born in the Ukraine.

Shit, even if you don’t speak Russian this Rick Rosschik Hustlin’ tribute is worth a screening. Credit to WOTSM.

Bonus UGO magic after the jump.

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  1. WestIndianArchie

    “I find your views intriguing and I would like to subscribe to your news letter”. (c) Homer Simpson

  2. Finanshall

    ahahaha man I laughed so hard cause I just wanted to post this video some time ago, but figured the people who read my blog already know about this, and the rest wouldn’t care.. seriously, this song reinvented Hustling for me, the lyrics are mad crazy ! People say UGO actually bought the rights for this beat or something, so it’s a legal rip-off. The dude at the end of the video with the stacks in his hands standing near the Chevy is called Potap, he’s the head of the Empire label they’re talkin about, a major hip-hop star in the Ukraine

    *whipit’, pakurit’, whipit’ whipit’ – pakurit’* ROFLMAO

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