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How NOT to Diss Jay-Z.

(image) Jay-Z’s stature has made dissing him very enticing, but also dangerous. A Jay-Z diss is an event and will earn an enterprising rapper plenty of attention. But if that diss is flimsy and unimpressive (Cam’Ron’s “Swagger Jacker”), nobody will take that rapper seriously. That wasn’t a problem for Cam,..

Metal Lungies @ The Voodoo Experience 2009, Preview.

[Dj01 Note: ML is back at The Voodoo Experience, one of the most prominent music festivals, kicks off in New Orleans tomorrow, and we have dispatched Julie, a talented and up & coming writer to cover all the festivities. Enjoy Julie’s picks below, with live coveritlive/twitter coverage to come throughout..

BET Cyphers 2009 (A Recap).

Another year, another BET Hip Hop Awards.  I’m not sure who the genius  behind the idea of the Cypher portion of the show is, but that mofo has had me watching BET (albeit once a year) for the last 3 years. But enough about me, let’s break down the performances:..

Crooked I – Mr. Pig Face.

Here’s another heater off Crooked I’s EP Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist. Crooked screams impassioned verses over an epic beat. Download: Crooked I – Mr. Pig Face (produced by 21) via The DMV’s Front Office Sphere: Related Content

DJ Sat One – Danger Zone (ft. Baby Blak & Outerspace).

One Dub Plate at a Time: A History of Soulspazm is a collection of Soulspazm tracks compiled and mixed by DJ Revolution. Says Revolution, I always checked for the Soulspazm records in the mail because I knew they would be quality. The label consistently worked with talented artists and producers..

Kam Moye – Forever Fresh (produced by Marco Polo).

ML consigliere Marco Polo just laced me with this track off Kam Moye’s (formerly known as Supastition) album Splitting Image (October 27). I’m not an expert on Kam Moye, but it sounds like he’s slowed up and hardened his flow. Marco’s production production leans more toward Port Authority than Double..

Sean Price – Goodnite!!! (ft. Royce Da 5’9", Petro).

Sean P and Royce drop equally mean verses. Off Kimbo Price: The Prelude to Mic Tyson, out this week. Royce ends a lot of verses with lines about vaginas. Download: Sean Price – Goodnite!!! (ft. Royce Da 5’9", Petro) Sphere: Related Content