Found: The “Ice Cream” Sample.

Sample heads will be excited and disappointed to learn that dkelloway of forums has discovered the sample for “Ice Cream” by Raekwon.

Excited, because the “Ice Cream” sample has long been a mystery. I think I read that someone asked RZA what it was and he couldn’t even remember.

Disappointed, because it’s just an Earl Klugh record. Not the score to a Brazilian telenovela or some psychedelic Christian spoken word record. Just good old Earl Klugh.

The sample is Klugh’s “A Time for Love” which appears on his 1980 album Late Night Guitar. The melody we know as “Ice Cream” is a sped up acoustic guitar loop.

Listen to a demonstration by The-Breaks user patriquino:

Just goes to show you that a producer’s skilled hand is just as valuable as an ultra-rare loop.

The-Breaks user PETERMAFFYA has already put together a quick remake.

Download: PETERMAFFYA’s remake


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  1. Sach

    This made my day. I’ve been trying to figure out that sample for 10 years now!

    Personally, I think the fact that it’s from a rather ordinary record makes it even more special. I takes real skill to distill that record down to its essence and rebuild it around those minor chords.

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