ML @ Diesel U Music Night.

(image source) I was utterly out of place last night. Having just gotten out of class, I was rocking a giant black winter jacket and a backpack — and I don’t mean a custom Louis Vuitton type joint; I was rocking a JanSport. Everyone else at the Diesel Fifth Avenue..

Puff Steps In Dog Shit.

In a moment steeped in symbolism, Puff Daddy, maker of dumb little YouTube videos, walked his gold kicks into a pile of poop. That’s for the Duets album, Puff. INF Daily via Nah Right Sphere: Related Content

Faith Evans – Keep the Faith, Book Review.

Faith Evans’ relevance to hip-hop and R&B has been cut down to her being one of the original members of the Bad Boy family and her being married to hip-hop’s beloved icon, The Notorious B.I.G. Faith, or (ghost?)writer Aliya S. King, recognizes this and opens the book with the night..

OMG, Faith Evans.

Miss Info may be posting scans (slightly out of order) faster than Rick Ross can write a parking ticket, but Metal Lungies will have a full review of Faith Evans’ tell-all memoir soon. It’s taking longer than expected because the last book I read was Harry Potter. Every titillating gossipy..