Alicia Keys is thug…and a little crazy.

The Star Telegram reported today on Alicia Keys interview with Blender where she reflected on the Rap game and her thuggish jewelery. Apparently, Keys believes “gangsta rap is a ploy to get black people to kill each other,” and the Biggie and Tupac feud was constructued by the government and..

Raekwon on Valentine’s Day

Via Idolator via NY Daily News   “It’s a special day. It’s a day to understand the person who means the most to you.” So how to celebrate? “I’m the type of dude who may be in a helicopter over the city having sex.” Love that the title of this..

Mitch Richmond gets no respect.

Per TMZ: She wants to be bad, but not too bad. Former Nick Carter-girlfriend and future faux Anna Nicole Willa Ford married longtime boyfriend, Dallas Stars hockey player Mike Modano over the weekend. Thursday night, Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton souled-up the VIP area of TAO Las Vegas night..

A name I call myself.

“I got that white girl, that Lindsay Lohan/ And all you gotta do is ask Lindsay Lohan” – Lil’ Wayne on USDA’s “White Girl (Remix)” [To all the hip hop purists out there — yes, Wayne did just rhyme Lohan with Lohan. I don’t approve of it, either, but that’s..

Suge Knight is a biter.

In hip-hop when you are called a biter it usually means you are biting someones style. Well this doesn’t seem to be the case when Suge Knight is involved. He physically bit Kevin Connolly (who plays Eric Murphy on HBO’s Entourage) at a post ESPY’s party while they were “horsing”..