From The Underground


Black ELement: A Major Minority

You know we’re impressed with EL here and we want to continue to push this talented cat. EL sent me two new songs, both off his upcoming free promo album, A Major Minority, out this summer. I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve heard by this budding MC so far and..

From The Underground: Black ELement

Straight out of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, emcee Black ELement contacted me about a feature. I’m picky about the unsigned cats we put on here but this guy filled all the prerequisites for my submission policy. Black sent me “I Can’t Call It”, the first single from his upcoming LP, A Major..

From the Underground: Menteroja.

We’re going a little international with this one. Our man Niklas who’s laced ML with some dope graphics, tipped me off to a very unique artist by the name of Menteroja. He is a Spanish born Swedish raised rapper (don’t worry, he raps in English). Check out a track from..

From The Underground: Soulbrotha

I’m always happy to feature great unsigned or independent artists on ML, especially when they not only reach out to me, but I dig their shit! Soulbrotha is an MC based out of Houston, TX. SB rocks a speedy, almost Bone-Thugs sounding flow over really smooth, soulful beats, mostly produced..

From The Underground: Blu.

LA-based rapper Blu (here pictured with Detroit rapper/producer Ta’araach) is going places. His collabo with Detroit producer Exile, Below The Heavens, is probably my favourite hip-hop album of ’07. It’s gotten accolades all over, from HipHopDX to Okayplayer, where it’s been nominated for three Okayplayer awards, including Album of the..