An appeal to Timbaland, Video.

Valentine a hopeful pop superstar from Ukraine reaches out to mega-producer Timbaland via the youtubes. The result is.. well, let’s just say I haven’t laughed this hysterically in a while. I really hope Timbaland reaches out to dude, to make meme worthy music. Note: My mom sent me this video,..

Ben Westbeech – Falling, Video.

Ben Westbeech is a welcome digression from the current dance pop infestation. “Falling” is meant for the club, but it comes free of vocal effects, bubblegum synths, and Dr. Luke. Ben’s album There’s More To Life Than This comes out later this year. Sphere: Related Content

Theophilus London – Why Even Try (ft. Sara Q).

“Why Even Try” reeks of the 80s, but it falls short of being just a hokey 80s throwback because Theophilus London injects cutting edge gaspy relationship raps, the kind of stuff Kid Cudi might rap about if he still bothered to rap. But if you can tolerate a song that’s..

MDNR – Cut Me Out.

I’ve been craving more MNDR since I heard her and Q-Tip make magic on “Bang Bang Bang.” Actually, I really caught the bug when I saw her on Letterman. Regardless, homegirl hits the electropop sweet spot. “Cut Me Out” is rhythmic, melodic and buzzing without all the cheese. Can’t wait..