Mashups for A Friday

  Shabbat shalom, ML readers! I’ma leave you for the weekend with two of my favourite mashups of recent memory. The rest of the Lungies team are a bit busy right now, so I’ll be doing most of the posting for a bit. The first is from the amazing mashup/culturejam..

New Al Green: "Thought It Out"

The legendary Rev. Al Green is working on a new album produced entirely by ?uestlove of the Roots. That’s not news, but this new track released from the sessions is. This has the potential to be amazing and this track seems like a good indicator of what the album could..

R. Kelly exhibits Real Talk on youtube.

[youtube]cdaAWFoWr2c[/youtube] Things of note: R. Kelly doesn’t take off the Gucci plastic tag on his sunglasses. He also didn’t have time to sing for someone to come and braid his hair before he started filming. We love the bowl of apples near the drum machine near the end with the..

Introducing Joe Hound.

Production duo Cool & Dre are bringing out a new act, Joe Hound. He seems to be versatile, putting out a laid back song geared at the ladies in the club as well as a complete polar opposite song that is geared at the dudes in the street. This dude isn’t GOAT but..

Trapped in the Closet Chapter 18,19,20 Thoughts.

Had a little birthday celebrating to take care of but now we are hitting you with the trifecta. Chapter 18, 19, 20 all in one! Ch. 18 Dykin=awesome term. Award winning green screen work in the car. Verizon with a RAZR? God damn it that phone is like 343242 year..

New Version of Emily King’s Walk In My Shoes Ft. Lupe Fisaco.

Just came across this, first you had the original, then you had a version with a Biggie verse, now Lupe get’s on the track riding the drums damn near perfectly. Emily told me herself in Bmore during Artscpae that she is glad that the album is finally droppin on August 28th. Download: Emily King..

Trapped in the Closet Chapter 17 Thoughts.

You thought chapter 16 didn’t offer much? With chapter 17 it looks like they are really starting to streeeeeeeeetch it out. We don’t even have much thoughts. Sylvester is going to joint GLAAD fo sho. Thank god Twan didn’t forget his velour jacket, otherwise even considering starting a fire with the jacket still..