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Strong Arm Steady – Deep Hearted (Review)

Over a year ago, blogger god (bloggod?) Noz pointed out how up-and-coming solo MCs appear less and less willing to go the group route to establish themselves, and everybody wants to jump ahead and be the next somebody, or the first themselves. A year later, and it’s the same shit,..

“Credit Is Due,” you say?

[NOTE: The following is intended to be all in fun. ML isn’t really mad at AHH. I can’t confirm whether the opposite holds true or not.] True, stealing is dangerous. Since beginning law school last week (which has been both fun and overwhelming), I mentioned that I’d only be around..

This is rap basketball, stats all you got.

[youtube][/youtube] Respect to The Basketball Jones, the greatest podcast known to man — at least, until (oops!) unless ML gets its own podcast — for pointing out the cameo appearances of NBA players Corey Maggette and Baron Davis in Common’s new video for “Drivin’ Me Wild” (I would’ve missed it..

Kanye West vs. 50 Cent (Foundation style).

One aspect about the album “faceoff” between Kanye and 50 that hasn’t been talked about is that they both have charity foundations. There is the Kanye West foundation and then there is 50′s G-Unity foundation. We think Kanye’s (which boasts only one celebrity on its Board of Directors, Aisha Tyler & has a much more polished..

Kanye’s Homecoming verse came from Home.

Following up ML Reader Safari’s comment in the Homecoming Entry, he tipped us off to something. Homecoming uses a verse from a 2002 track called Home Kanye did with John Legend. Recycled verses are kind of a bummer (but Kanye did it on his last album too using his Wack Niggas verse on Bring Me..

Metal Lungie Diggin 8.28.07.

It’s been wayyyy to long since our last Diggin. I had to throw this one up real quick for you. One of the many unique things Outkast have pulled off, making No Doubt listenable to a hip-hopper. Check the vintage Killer Mike. No Doubt Ft. Outkast & Killer Mike- Hey..

Kanye West ft. Chris Martin-Homecoming.

Kanye West Ft. Chris Martin-Homecoming (via SDSU via CnK). Chris Martin steps up his hip-hop performance from Jay-Z’s Beach Chair. This was just played 30 consecutive times here in the ML Dungeon. If you aren’t looking forward to Graduation you lost. Sphere: Related Content

Bloodraw ft. Young Buck-26 Inches.

I somehow manage to sleep on this. This is Bloodraw’s (of USDA) single off his Def Jam debut with Young Buck & the FAMU Marching Band. This should be a theme song when you enter a church in the south (religious people: I’m only jkin). Bloodraw Ft. Young Buck-26 Inches...