"WTF?" Rapper Guest Appearances : Slim Thug & Hilary Duff?!.

It’s been awhile since the first instalment with KRS-One and Crazy Town but seeing this song on a blog was what inspired me to start this feature.

This time around, Slim Thug is paired with former Disney teenybopper Hilary Duff for a remix of her song, "With Love".

I can’t vouch for what the original sounds like (honest!) but the remix puts Slim over a synthy beat with hard drums. His verse isn’t AWFUL or anything; it’s just very generic.

But what really detracts from the quality here is that he’s rapping on a FUCKING HILARY DUFF song. I ain’t heard of that!

Anyway, here’s a video of the song with the remix dubbed over. Prepare to be weirded out.

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  1. Wildgremz

    H-Duff gettin mad respect on the Northside of Houston

    Btw, 2 more that come to mind are the Royce da 5’9 collabo with Willa Ford & Ghostface’s song with Eamon (barely remembered that lil gimp till he re-appeared on Ghost’s album with Wigs)

  2. AaronM

    Haha, no doubt.
    Damn, those sound perfect. Can you send those gems to me, wildgremz?
    My email is listed in the “contact info” section.

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