Monthly Archives: January 2008

Review: Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing.

When I got this I was confused. I didn’t think people did this anymore. Initially I gave it a quick pass, and blew it off as a set of good, obscure dance tracks. That is not the purpose of a break tape though. So, last night, I took some of..

Podcast: Welcome Back

Podcast Hello Again!!! Metal Lungies Radio is back for Season 2. Our first show was just a healthy dose of all the music we’ve been listening to over our extended break and we didn’t get any calls because we changed our night without telling anyone. But its a great show..

Remix Tuesdays: Gang Starr.

Just like last Tuesdays’ post on the Alkaholiks, I had some trouble finding a decent-sized cover of the single for this post. Plus this cover for the Lovesick 12′ is the closest I could find to a cover for this release of this particular remix of Gang Starr’s “Lovesick”. This..

Lady In The Men’s Room.

Man, it’s been a while since ML hosted a True Story post. Last one was back in July before I even joined the site. Basically Earlier today I was in a Chapters (for our non-Canadian readers, it’s a crappier version of Borders or Barnes & Noble) browsing when I felt..

VH1 Spotlight: ODB On Parole

Via Wu-Tang Mountain Via Bang The Box  I had no idea this existed. Mostly covers Ol’ Dirty’s release from prison while on parole. He sings old R&B with his mom, eats his first meal outside and comes on to a reporter at his press conference. Russell looks afflicted with the..