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ML @ Method Man And Redman, 11/27/08.

We arrived at the club late so we missed Big Pooh and Termanology, who were opening for Meth and Red. They came on late, but they had the crowd jumping after the first song. Redman arrived on stage in sandals with a blunt in his mouth. He kept watching for..

I Need To Go Out More.

I was sitting around the pad yesterday when I passed over PBS and noticed someone strange on Sesame St. Will Arnett, from ML praised Arrested Development, was playing the part of a bad magician. I watched the whole thing and I kept wondering what the Sesame St. producers were thinking?..

Badu on the Bus.

[vimeo][/vimeo] This interview was shot during her tour with the Roots earlier this year. She talks about fucking with the Root’s live show, her new album, and her music in general. It also looks like the producers on part two are gonna be the same as on New Amerykah part..

Oh No! My Muxtape!

I’ve always been a mixtape junkie. I’ve been making them since I had the ability to press the buttons on a cassette recorder. My first mixtape was a compilation of music from the Power Rangers movie, the theme to Ninja Turtles, “Everybody Dance Now” by C&C Music Factory, and some..

Thoughts From The Gutta (Part 1)

We covered Gutta earlier on this site. This is Part 1 of an interview where he talks about his life, his new album, and other wildness. The name of his upcoming album is “Heads Will Roll”. It drops September 2nd. Thanks to Babygrande and iHipHop for the video. Sphere: Related..

Kidz Bop Steps It Up

I just saw a commercial on television for the new Kidz Bop, and they got Sean Kingston to remake “Take You There”. I jumped online as fast as I could to find that he made a whole new Kidz Bop video. If you’ve heard it, you remember the original song..

Best Promo Ever!!

[youtube][/youtube] So, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of my favorite shows of all time. I was just watching FX and I saw the best commercial for their new season. I know, remakes of Going Back to Cali are kind of overdone, but they got Jeru the Damaja!!!! Fuck..

Gutta- Thrashin’

Gutta is a hardcore rapper from Pheonix, Arizona. A city where they love ML. He just signed with Babygrande Records and hooked up with Blue Sky Black Death, the producers who worked with Hell Razah last year. We really loved the BSBD Hell Razah album, and judging from this song..

No Contest.

[youtube][/youtube] Michael speaks the truth at some thing he was doing for kids. I am not a Lakers fan, so I love to see Kobe get hated on. Plus, we get to see a 45 year old Mike cram on some kid at the end. Now all we need is..