Don’t sleep.

COOKED CRACK…Fat Joe probably spent a lot of studio time to actually make an album worthy diss response, I’m pretty much split on the call if it is better then Jada’s response, Joey mentioning the Vibe Awards and G-Unit running out was most def. the highlight for me which can..


First and foremost rip to b-i-g, to be honest he wasn’t my personal favorite but surely one of the greatest.. and while Fiddy and Game were busy getting their thug luv on, Jadakiss dropped a pretty decent response (could be better) but still eons better then Piggy Bank. Hopefully a..

Kiss and Make Up!!!!!

In the most important news today, The Game and 50 cent have squashed the beef?! They recently had a press conference in Harlem and declared a truce to end the beef. Apparently they just talked it out…..Does anyone else feel cheated? All the possible diss tracks are now just dreams..

Get In, Get Out.

50 Beefin? No way! He too busy makin them gggggggg-unit speical editions Game Boys. Seriously if anyone over 14ish cops that, please shoot yourself thanks, because we all know g-unit be playin them Mario Kart Jumpoffs on the street corner. and in our sports news.. I wouldn’t even hate on..

Classic, Simply Classic……

This is a classic, its old, but timely because Purple Haze was recently released. I came across it when I was doing a regular sweep of my computer. So here it is, Cam’ron and Dame Dash in November 2003 on the O’reilly Factor. {Highlight} Cam: I’m gonna get at you..

Game: [Insert Name] Can Suck My….

Well, Game went off during his recent show in Long Beach, it was so bad they had to bring in riot 5-0 outside, here are the 2 clips… Video 1 Video 2 Here is a quote from a concert-goer from dubccn.com “Gane starts off by telling the DJ….(Who happens to..

BB keepin’ it hood…….

Barry Bonds was doing an interview recently and had some candid words for the steriod allegations as well as words of warning for his son stating that “my son says to me, ‘aren’t you my friend?’ Hell no, I’m not your friend” he closed the chapter on his young boy..


. So while the 50 beefs are reaching a boiling point, there was a story that caught my eye, Lil Kim is being snitched on. Looks like after ditching Junior Mafia, karma is coming right back at the queen bee with some help from the good ol’ feds, her ex-peoples..

A Look Back and the Biggest Beef Ever!!

Old Slick Rick interview only recently published. [Highlight] AllHipHop.com: What were you most afraid of as a child? Slick Rick: Mice. Kevin Reed was the guy who got shot at the recent Hot 97 shooting. Supposedly he was part of Game’s crew who were there to confront 50 cent. He..