Metallungies gets some Tanlines — Lincoln Hall, Chicago, 7.15.12.

Lincoln Hall was filled to the brim with excited fans this past Sunday as every sunburnt kid with a penchant for indie rock trekked it to the north side of Chicago to catch Tanlines’ exclusive Pitchfork after show ($7 with a Pitchfork wristband… basically a no-brainer). Tanlines released their first..

Tourist- Placid Acid, Single.

New Brighton based artist Tourist, or more easily Google searched as William Phillips, is someone who I’ve been meaning to write about for months now. A friend sent me a link to Placid Acid back in January and I couldn’t get enough. I sought out everything else he had recorded..

Miike Snow- Happy To You, Album Review.

Swedish natives Miike Snow recently released the highly anticipated follow up to their self titled album. Happy To You has arrived two years later but it was worth the wait. The album builds on the foundation its predecessor laid,  adding more layers to their sound, some dissonant and some made..

Foster the People- Live on Letterman.

The old woman that I’m slowly turning into has been wary of this new trend in streaming concerts, not trusting video quality or not wanting to watch a concert that I can’t make it to. I’ll admit, and I don’t do this often, that I was wrong, it’s awesome. I..

Bombay Bicycle Club- A Different Kind of Fix, Album.

Bombay Bicycle Club’s A Different Kind of Fix only dropped two days ago but that hasn’t stopped my iTunes from already having it on repeat five times in a row (it would probably be a higher number, but a girls gotta go to class). Each track flows so seamlessly to..

Caveman- Thankful, Single.

Little known New York five-man-band Caveman has crept into the music scene with Thankful, a jam that seems to be the perfect precursor to fall. Originating only in January of 2010 it is next to impossible to find enough of their music to satiate my desire to listen to them all..

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi- Black, Single.

Danger Mouse has inevitably been a part of what seems like every other musical project over the past few years. Recently (but not too recent, this project was five years in the making) he paired up with Italian composer Daniele Luppi to create Rome. Needless to say I love it. One..

Noah and the Whale – Life is Life, Yuksek Remix.

Sometimes, it’s frustrating sifting through piles of musical shit on Soundcloud for properly mastered remixes; most of the time (all of the time), I wish there was a law prohibiting anyone from adding Avicci-esque beats to a song; but every day, I wish that bros didn’t have access to Fruity Loops. Luckily,..