Remix Tuesdays


Remix Tuesdays: Cormega.

How long has it been since Cormega’s last new album, ’02′s The True Meaning? “6 years” is the easy answer, but consider this: the original title to its follow-up — Urban Legend — was swiped by T.I., which led Mega to change the title to The Inevitable. This happened in..

Remix Tuesdays: Common

“The Light” was a second single released by Common in support of his 4th album, Like Water for Chocolate. It’s produced by Jay Dee, before he took on the J Dilla alias. Jay employs an oft used drum break by the Detroit Emeralds and tweaks the snares and hi hats..

Remix Tuesdays: Black Sheep

(Love that single cover) “Strobelite Honey” is a 1992 single released by Queens-based duo Black Sheep. The song was the second single released of the group’s debut, A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. The song received an incredible number of remixes on 12′s, most of them dance/house remixes, so I’m only..

Remix Tuesdays: Souls of Mischief

“93 ‘Til Infinity” was the debut single of Hieroglyphics-affiliated group Souls of Mischief. It’s produced by group member A-Plus, who uses a lovely Billy Cobham sample, with laidback keys complimented by a wailing sax and rugged drums. The song also has an instantly memorable chorus: This is how we chill/..