Remix Tuesdays


Remix Tuesdays: Ultramagnetic MCs.

This week, before I get into the actual remix writeup, I’d like to highlight two other sites who have been doing this weekly remix thing longer than I have. More Than Milk do something called ‘Remix Tuesdays’ too but their featured remixes tend to be of the indie/electronic variety. Palms..

Remix Tuesdays: Organized Konfusion

Apologies for the week off, I’m back on course with a sureshot remix of one of my favourite songs. Queens-based duo Organized Konfusion consisted of rappers Prince Po & Pharaohe Monch. The song I’m covering today is “Stress”, off their classic sophomore effort, Stress : The Extinction Agenda. “Stress” was..

Remix Tuesdays: Gang Starr.

Just like last Tuesdays’ post on the Alkaholiks, I had some trouble finding a decent-sized cover of the single for this post. Plus this cover for the Lovesick 12′ is the closest I could find to a cover for this release of this particular remix of Gang Starr’s “Lovesick”. This..

Remix Tuesdays: Redman

Today is a very special Remix Tuesday because the remix I’m covering was NEVER pressed to wax. It’s a very dope remix of one of my favourite songs, “Whateva Man” by Redman. Here’s the catch: this is a radio rip off of a radio show. You know what makes that..

Remix Tuesdays: The Alkaholiks

Today I’m doing an RT on one of my favourite West Coast groups (word to Trav at WYDU). Today I’m covering two different remixes for the Liks’ classic “DAAAM!”, off the equally dope Coast II Coast. First, let’s go over the original, produced by Alkaholiks member E-Swift. The album version..

Remix Tuesdays: Edan.

Making up for skipping it last week: it’s another Tuesday so naturally ML hits you, the reader, off with some heat on the remix tip. Edan is a dope emcee, DJ & producer from Boston, Mass who mixes late 80s-early 90s hip hop with a variety of different musical styles...

Remix Tuesdays: Diamond D.

It’s another Tuesday, which means the latest entry in ML’s ongoing series, Remix Tuesdays (read the first installment here). Today our remix is the Showbiz remix of Diamond D’s ode to the neighbourhood slut, “Sally Got A One Track Mind” off the song’s 12′.(See also: Jonathan Coulton’s song, “The Town..

Remix Tuesdays: Da King & I.

I’m using this post to start my new weekly series of posts, Remix Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, I’m going to upload a dope remix and write a little bit about it. Today I’m writing about DJ Premier’s remix of Da King & I’s song “Flip Da Script”. Da King & I..