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Remix Tuesdays: Nas

One two/who got more style than son do It’s been a minute, people. My apologies – midterms and essays got your boy busy. “Thief’s Theme” is a 2004 single released by Nas in support of his double album, Street’s Disciple. Salaam Remi flips the guitar riff and a soaring organ..

Remix Tuesdays: Diamond D Pt.2.

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate song to cover for my return to writing Remix Tuesdays than Diamond D’s 1997 comeback single, “The Hiatus”. It’s been almost a month, folks. Not quite weekly, I know. Shouts to DJ01 for doing his own remix feature. First, let’s start with the..

Metallungies Diggin: 3LW + Nas.

With Aaron on a very brief hiatus, I though I’d throw up a ML Diggin joint (the grandfather feature of Remix Tuesdays). This track came up on random shuffle today, and I love random ass guest spots like this. Back in 2000 Nas got on a Trackmasters remix of the..

Throwback Rap Attack.

September 30th is a big day for hip-hop releases: Termanology, Heltah Skeltah, Murs and Large Professor! In anticipation of Term and Extra P’s albums, celebrate with some dope older tracks by both. “How My Man Went Down In The Game” is a rare Main Source track, off of Wild Pitch..

Remix Tuesdays: De La Soul.

Remix Tuesdays is temporarily going biweekly, sorry for the lateness on today’s instalment. I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I want to do this feature every week. “Stakes Is High” is a 1996 De La Soul single, produced by Jay Dee. It was released in support of..

It’s Over.

eLXavi646‘s YouTube channel is full of classic breaks, some amazing stuff there (especially the “En Espanol” section). GRANDGOOD has video of the Nuts performing material from their upcoming album, Planet Of The Crates. Download: The Beatnuts – Se Acabo (Remix ft.Method Man) Sphere: Related Content

Remix Tuesdays: The Knux.

The Knux are a self-described rap duo from from New Orleans, consisting of brothers Krispy Kream (I know, I know) and Al Millio. Recently signed to Interscope, the brothers self-describe their music as “garage-hop.” So far the group have only officially released two tracks. One of them, “Cappucino”, is the..