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DJ Statik Selektah-Spell My Name Right (Review)

[Dj01 Note- You just read the tracklisting? now the review is ready, you know how we do!] Just who is Statik Selektah? I mean we’ve all heard his mixtapes, we’ve all heard the vocal drops on his music, but just who is this guy? A quick glance at Wikipedia and..

Affiliated Bounty

Over here at Metal Lungies we realize that our readers (and our staff) can’t get enough of those Wu-Tang albums. Unfortunately, record companies are run by bitches and we don’t get nearly enough. So, how does one get that Wu-Tang sound in lieu of any major drops. Affiliates. Over the..

Smitty-You Don’t Love Me & Tell Me.

Another day, another rapper that has had a moderately successful single that results in an album with a cloudy future on a major. When Smitty came out, we liked Diamonds On My Neck but we liked Ghetto with Kanye, Scarface & John Legend A LOT more. Now almost 2 years..

Sidebar: The Origins Of Ayo

Declassified reports and heavy reliance of pure speculation show that Curtis’s brilliant rhyme of “nympho” with “info” prompted the whole development of Ayo technologies as know it. Throw in the lovebird power hit duo Justin/Timberland, a suit that doesn’t fit the latter, cheap ripoffs of Minority Report and a new..

Beat Drop: Pete Rock.

If any square-heads out there who think that sampling isn’t an art are reading this, then you should get punched in the face by Pete Rock. Or, at least, get punched in the face by someone on Pete’s behalf — Pete never seemed like much of the violent type. Or,..

Free Ghostface (and Witchdoctor)!

Free Ghostface?? You already know we on this like Al Rocker on the weather. Adult Swim hooks up with Ghostface and Dungeon Family’s Witchdoctor for probably the best thing ever thats priced at free ninety nine. The dates are: 10/01/07: State University of New York, Albany, N.Y. 10/03/07: University of..

Never on schedule but always on time.

For those of y’all that haven’t yet died of suspense (R.I.P. to those less fortunate), the Pete Rock Beat Drop will be up on Friday. Or next Monday in the case of some unforeseen circumstance that I can’t possibly know about right now because then it wouldn’t be unforeseen. But..