The Roots do Yo Gabba Gabba, House Band on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Next?

You know you are major when not only do you get a cameo, but you get to perform on a kids show. The Roots did just that appearing on the Nickelodeon show Yo Gabba Gabba.

Check the performance of Lovely, Love My Family below:

If I had kids you better believe they’d be rocking with this over the Sean Kingston X Kidz Bop.

In other pertinent Roots news, according to a few sites (and mysteriously disappearing videos), The Roots maybe going on a touring hiatus come March in order to become the house band for Jimmy Fallon’s takeover of Conan’s Late Night show. If this turns out true (all signs are pointing to it, it was even hinted to in that OKP ?uestlove Famous People thread), I need to catch The Roots one more time live before this (as do you!), because they are one of the best live acts, ever.

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